Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Afternoon with Luke & Kayla

This past Thursday instead of having the two younger girls, I was able to have an afternoon with Luke and Kayla. Uncle Bobby was with us too because he didn't feel 100%.
So Uncle Bobby and I picked the two oldest grandchildren up from school and headed to McDonald's. We picked up lunch and headed to grandma's house. They were so excited because it had been about 3 weeks since they had been here.
We ate our lunch and then put the TV on for Uncle Bobby and proceeded to play games all afternoon. We played Shoots & Ladders, Sorry, Yahtzee, and Sorry Slider. After Yahtzee, Kayla watched a movie with Uncle Bobby. As you see in the pictures by the time we got to Yahtzee, the kids were really getting into the games. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves until Eric came to pick the kids up and headed for home. We will need to do it again very soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months. It will bring you up to date on what the lights of our lives look like, and I will try and do better in the months to come. I begin with some girly time with Kayla Marie. She spent the afternoon with grandma, who painted her nails purple!!
Then we have the four local grand-children. Kaitlyn Jo was added to the mix in December 2009. She isn't legally a Bibby yet, but she sure is one in our hearts.

Luke turned 6 this year. One of his gifts was a glow-in-the-dark basketball. He blew out his candles on 6 'cookie cakes' made especially for him by his momma!

Kaitlyn and Krista spend 2 days a week at grandma's house while momma works. They spend time dancing in the kitchen and eating at the table.

And then we have our Texas baby! He sure is growing up quickly. Grandpa used one of his TLO weeks to transport Bobby to Wabash so grandma could go down to Texas and have an Elliot fix! She sure did enjoy her time there.

Here is his blankie made for him by his great-grandma VDT and a new high chair from grandpa & grandma Bibby. He is such a big boy here.

And then a little tubby time!!!!

Grandma is so proud of me! I make her smile and cry. (when she leaves me)

Standing by my daddy's footstool all by myself. WOW!!!!!!!

And then we end our update with some of the kids from when we had all four overnight for the first time.

Hope you enjoyed your catch-up time. I will try not to be so scarce in the future. I sure do love these kids. They are the lights of our lives.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grandchildren are my very favorite things!

I know that I haven't written to any extent in a while, but I have been busy. I also haven't felt much like writing. So I will add a few pictures of my grandchildren and call it good for today. I hope you enjoy how the Indiana ones have grown. My Texas jewel will catch up before you know it. He will be a month old tomorrow. Time goes by so quickly. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brand New Jewel!!

This will by no means catch me up with my blogging, but I had to take a moment and share my newest jewel. No I don't wear it on my finger, but in the dearest part of my body - in my heart. I haven't met him yet, but he has already claimed a section all for himself there. He looks like such a sweetie, and soon I will hold him in my arms. But until then, please enjoy a picture of this handsome dude - Elliot Wayne Bibby was born Wednesday, June 3, at 8:42 pm CST. All is well with him, momma, and of course proud daddy Joe! Welcome to the world, Elliot. Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Bobby love you already and can't wait to meet you in person!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Texas Visit

My visit to Texas began with taking a photo of Baby Bibb. We so look forward to being able to hold him, hug him, and just plain love him. Actually we already do love him. Isn't he growing nicely? The doctor said he weighs 4 lbs now, and we can expect him to arrive a week or two early according to his measurements. We are so excited!!

Doesn't his momma look good? She is simply glowing.

Part of the reason for my visit was to attend a baby shower for Heather & Joe. It was held in Heather's brother's home and hosted by them, Karen (Heather's mom), and a friend from church. They asked if the quilt made by my mom could be used as a backdrop, and of course, I said I would be delighted to have them do so. Isn't it beautiful? Great job by my mom who is about to turn 81!

Heather was surprised the quilt was at the shower. She didn't know that I was bringing it with me. My mom just finished the bumper pads and bed skirt. That will be delivered next week by Eric. Then the room will be almost ready for Baby Bibb.

Tammy and Karen did a super job (along with Amanda) hosting the shower.

This is one of those diaper cakes. Karen made two of them for the shower. It is such a neat idea. You wrap diapers around a bottle and continue with the design. They looked great.

Karen with about half of the food the ladies prepared. Everyone enjoyed the food, and the fountain was wonderful for us chocolate lovers.

The tiered cake was just gorgeous. Especially neat were the baby booties on the top made with large marshmallows and then iced to cover and make the toe section. It tasted as great as it looked. It had a chocolate layer and an orange layer. Yummy, best describes it.

An outside shot of the happy parents with some of the guests.

Michelle did a unique thing to wrap her gift. She hung her things on a clothesline and then placed them in a laundry basket and covered it all with tissue paper. Very clever.

Jean made Baby Bibb a hooded towel...

...and 'daddy' couldn't resist placing it on 'mommys' head!!

And of course we had to go back and see how the quilt looked in the nursery. Great job, mom! It is a priceless keepsake that will be treasured by Heather, Joe, and Baby Bibb.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Promised Updates!!

There are at least 50 new pictures uploaded on this blog today. I hope you enjoy catching up with our family. It has been delightful to go down memory lane, and I think you will enjoy it too. You may need to go to 'Older Posts' to catch them all. Have a great time. While I am in Texas, I will get a photo of Baby Bib. You will see how much he has grown since the last shot of him. Only 10 more weeks, mommy Heather says, and we will get to hold him. Grandpa and grandma can hardly wait, but wait we have to do. Enjoy this update, and I hope to do a better job keeping you updated. Be back soon!!!

Christmas - I know that was 3 months ago!!!

Indianapolis Children's Museum
The day before Christmas 2008 was free admission to the museum. Grandpa had the day off, and Uncle Bobby had to work. So it was a great day to load the grandkids up in grandma's van and take off for the museum. Yes, it was a zoo. The parking was the worst. And we had to run to the museum in the rain (no, not snow!). But we had a terrific day where we made lots of memories. The kids were super, and we all had a lot of fun. We started out our fun here in Dinosaur Land. Fun was had by all three.

Kayla enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs as much as Luke.

And Krista had to have one to hold too. Grandma didn't want to let her out of the stroller since we had just gotten started. I didn't want her to think she could run around the entire place. It was very crowded, and we didn't want one of them to get lost.

We had to have a little instruction from big brother.

Krista needed a little snack, so grandpa took the older two into this section to view the many types of underwater life. They came out of there with lots to tell grandma.

From the underwater life section, we went on to enter Playscape. We only had to wait about 5 minutes to enter. That was pretty amazing considering the crowd, and the kids were very patient to wait their turn.

Fun was had by all.. #3 Missy was out of her stroller and delighted to have some hands-on fun.

Water is such an attraction.

Now, let's see what I can catch!

And what I can crawl through...

.... wait for me!!

Not to be outdone by her older siblings, she climbs on the plane. AND doesn't want to get off.

Luke could do this by himself. It took a lot of arm muscle, which he showed us that he has!! I had a great front loader picture here too, but somehow I deleted it.

And not to be outdone by little miss, Kayla climbs on too.

Oh, a race car!! Can I ride that, grandpa?

And before going home, some fun on the carousal by Luke, and...

... Kayla ...

... and Krista. This is the same one their daddy rode on when he was little!

After a wonderul day at the museum, we picked up Uncle Bobby from work and went to Eric and Jean's home for a lovely dinner prepared by them. It was so much fun to spend time with the kids knowing that dinner was being lovingly prepared for us.

This doesn't do the table justice. They put a lot of work into the meal and the decorations. Thanks you two!

Amazing what you can do with water and a loaf pan!

Jean being the cupbearer! (A cupbearer is the person tasting the food first so the king doesn't die. Wasn't that nice of her to do that for us?)

Then it was present time - youngest to oldest is our tradition.

Dress up clothes - Kayla loves it. But sister wants to see too!!

And try them on.

Luke loved his Purdue sweats set.

And so does Josh!

And now for Uncle Bobby!!